MVSD People of Dance Video

"*Inspired by the collaborative "100 People of Dance" video by Project One Life: 


This project saw staff practice their understanding of collaborative documents and cloud-based storage systems such as OneDrive.  Through filming their clips, staff had an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the video tools available through their schools laptops, tablet devices, and school-specific resources.  Filming and sharing of clips was done through tools such as OneDrive, Seesaw, and Flipgrid to practice the multiple ways in which video evidence can be collected and shared. This video was created as a way to bring joy, build community, and practice technology skills; we're proud to highlight 11 different schools/buildings and a variety of divisional departments. 

Thank you to everyone who participated in the creation of this video. 

Covid-19 Health Guidelines - participation was done in compliance with the current health guidelines at the time of filming - participating staff & students range from K-12 in various cohort scenarios - video clips featuring participants in close contact or unmasked represent family cohorts - two included clips, identified with a disclaimer, were filmed in 2019